iQuran Lite Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

iPhone and Android - iQuran Review

One of the most popular Islamic apps among the Muslims - the iQuran. Here's a review of iQuran Pro on iPhone and also iQuran Lite on Android.

Best Free Quran Application - My 2017 New Year Gift

Assalam-O-Alekum and Welcome Guys! This video is about the best Software about Recitation of Holy Quran. Though there are numerious other applications available and they all are good but my...

iQuran Review (Android) - Muslim Tech Station

We review one of the best Quran apps for Android, iQuran. Download iQuran here (USD$ 1.99) There is also a free version...

شرح برنامج iquran lite

شرح أفضل برنامج للقران الكريم للاندرويد رابط تحميل البرنامج

iQuran Lite iPhone & iPad review

A review of iQuran Lite for iPhone and iPad. is a site dedicated to promoting apps which do not have any in-app purchases. Please visit the site to show your...

REVIEW The BEST App on the Quran!!!? | Android | Samsung | MUST HAVE!!l koran

Download from: Apple Store: Playstore: The Qur'an Project presents the Brand New App for both Apple and...

iQuran Review - Quran for Android!

A great app if you enjoy reading the Quran! Hope you'll enjoy :-) Hey guys, welcome to my tech channel! My name is Mahmoud El Mossalami, you can just call me Medo, and I am a Danish Youtuber....

حذف السور التي تم تحميلها iQuran

لحذف الملفات الصوتية أو السور التي تم تحميلها لتوفير مساحة علي iPhone البرنامج متاح علي AppStore Free

ihifz App Review: Awesome Memorizing app for the Quran.

Review of iHifz app by PakData. This app helps memorize Holy Quran with following features: ◉ (إخفاء ووضع تكشف لتحفيظ الدرس الحالي (السبق ◉ Hide and...

My Review Of The iQuran App (in ENGLISH!)

As seen in the Droid Marketplace (LISTED IN ENGLISH!)

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